Captain Tsubasa: Sekai Daikessen!! Jr. World Cup

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Type: Fall 2022 Anime

Sub/Dub: Sub

Plot Summary: In the fourth movie, the classical Japan-Europe match becomes intercontinental. This time they arrange a world cup with 4 teams: Japan, USA, "All Europe", and "All South America". In the first match, Japan easily defeats the USA 3:0 and in the second match Europe loses 2:3 against South America. In the final round S.A. shows their "soccer cyborg" Carlos Santana, a more than supreme player who seems to be undefeatable. All their classical tricks like Hyugas "Tiger Shot" or Tsubasas "Top Spin" seem to be totally worthless, but in a hard and spectacular match the Japanese learn more and more to play in unison and finally they get the win.

Genre: Shounen Sports Team-sports

Released: 1986

Status: Completed Anime

Other name: Captain Tsubasa: Sekai Daikessen!! Jr. World Cup / Captain Tsubasa MOVIE (1986 Summer) / Captain Tsubasa Movie 4 / Captain Tsubasa Movie 03: The great world competition! The Junior World Cup / キャプテン翼 世界大決戦!!Jr.ワールドカップ / Oliver Y Benji: La Copa del Mundo /

Captain Tsubasa: Sekai Daikessen!! Jr. World Cup

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