Chao Shen Xueyuan Season 2

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Type: Fall 2022 Anime

Sub/Dub: Sub

Plot Summary: For a while, I (the author) was obsessed with the universe and time theory of the great physicist Hawking, unable to extricate myself. Later, I got this proposition "Super Seminary", and at the same time I played the game of League of Legends, so I expanded my endless imagination of the universe and the future. Perhaps "Super Seminary" did not follow any modern sci-fi and fantasy formats and routines, but did its own dream without any scruples, a dream similar to the Chinese dream of anime. Let us start with the defense of the earth and slowly Let’s explore people and the future. Super Theological Seminary mainly tells the sci-fi/fantasy stories of God and the future in 4 quarters. The first quarter focuses on how the earth’s people build and train a strong company that can withstand future threats. The second quarter The theme is placed on the aircraft carrier Juxia, starting a magnificent battle to defend the earth. In the third quarter, heroes will emerge around troubled times to tell the heroic story of every mature soldier company.(translated from douban)

Genre: Adventure

Released: 2014

Status: Completed Anime

Chao Shen Xueyuan Season 2

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