Cheng He Titong

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Type: Fall 2023 Anime

Sub/Dub: Sub

Plot Summary: Yu Wanyin transmigrated into a novel about palace fighting. The female protagonist of the novel was also transmigrated into the novel. In order to reverse her fate as a villain, Yu Wanyin chose to join forces with a tyrant. Unexpectedly, the tyrant was also a transmigrant into the novel. Yu Wanyin hopes that the three modern people can put aside their palace fights and sit together to fight landlords and eat hot pot. However, the female protagonist believes that she is the chosen one, and still chooses to stand against the male protagonist Duan Wang's team. Yu Wanyin has to carry out a series of actions in order to survive and help Daxia avoid the drought crisis... (Source: Iqiyi, Google translated & edited)

Genre: Comedy Historical Isekai Romance

Released: 2024

Status: Ongoing Anime

Other name: Cheng He Titong / 成何体统 / How Dare You!? /

Cheng He Titong

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