D.C. I&II P.S.P. Re-Animated

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Type: Fall 2022 Anime

Sub/Dub: Sub

Plot Summary: Hatsune-Jima was once well-known for its cherry trees, which would bloom no matter what time of year it was. Two years ago, the island's cherry trees lost this ability and all became ordinary cherry trees that bloom only in the spring. Jun'ichi Asakura is now a graduating senior at Kazami Academy, and is surrounded by many close friends, old and new alike. On a stormy summer day, a mysterious young girl, Aisia, arrives at Jun'ichi's door. She is looking for Sakura's grandmother to study magic, ultimately hoping to bring happiness to everyone. When she discovers that grandmother Yoshino had long since passed away, she joyfully assumes (thanks to his error in judgment) that Jun'ichi is able to teach her. Even though she finally understands that the only magic he's capable of is conjuring Japanese confections, Aisia continues her search for magic on Hatsune-Jima. Amid the chaos of her search, Kazami Academy hires new medical staff.

Genre: Comedy Drama Harem Romance Supernatural

Released: 2010

Status: Completed Anime

Other name: D.C.: Da Capo / D.C.~ダ・カーポ~ / D.C.~Da Capo~ /

D.C. I&II P.S.P. Re-Animated

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